Helping Christian organizations find grants and funds for their ministries since 2000.
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Incredible Value
Tim Boling offers far more than grant writing. He puts forward a wealth of invaluable knowledge helping to resource and fortify organizations he believes in. Peace of the City is in a much better place due to the work and dedication of Tim Boling.

Diann R. Takens
Executive Director
Peace of the City Ministries
Buffalo, New York

$200,000 In Grant Support!!

Anchor House benefited greatly from Tim Boling's Grant writing expertise when our organization had not only flattened out financially but was losing both major donors and broad donors. 

Tim helped us repair, reestablish and restore major donors and expand our funding base through a comprehensive development plan.  Tim also consulted and taught our onsite staff in grant writing and accessing tools to become more effective and self sufficient! Over the course of a year he helped to raise over $200,000 in grant support.

Michael Staples
Executive Director
Anchor House Ministries

$100,000 Received!!
From concept to completion, has helped Computers For Children successfully achieve the Compassion Federal Grant (TWICE) $50,000 each!

The expertise provided for each grant begged to demonstrate the need to help strengthen the organization and indirectly provided support to all of the organizations that are associated with the program.   Computers For Children has been utilizing’s writing team successfully for the past several years, winning grant after grant!

Christine Carr
Executive Director
Computers For Children

Church Grant
As a church plant pastor one of the many duties in my job description includes finding funds for our ministry. Christian Grants has been a critical tool in helping us achieve that objective - specifically for a $15,000 grant.

Working with the professionals at Christian Grants was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend their services.

Michael Nieves
CenterPointe Community Church

Reaching the Lost
Dear Fellow-Ministry Leaders,
My name is Russ East, Director for Utah Partnerships for Christ. ( I am praising the Lord for His goodness towards our ministry! The Lord used to help us receive a grant for $9,400.00! Feel free to contact me at and I will tell you without any hesitation that you need to contact Tim Boling at for your funding needs. Always in prayer,

East Director UPFC

Investment Payback
My name is Rudy Carrasco and I’m a subscriber to the Online Christian Grants Directory. I am executive director of Harambee Ministries in Pasadena, CA ( This is just a note to say thank you for the service you provide.

Recently we received an $8,000 grant from a foundation that we found through your Christian Grants Directory. For us it’s a new foundation friend, one we would never have known about except for your directory. So the investment of one year’s subscription has been more than worth it! We have more proposals in the pipeline, too.

The Lord bless you.

Three Grants Found
I purchased my first “Directory of Foundations Supporting Christian Organizations” and have found it to be extremely helpful to our ministry. I have received three grants from the directory: one for $10,000, a second one for another $10,000 and a third for $20,000. Thank you for the work that you are doing in helping ministries like mine find grants for the Lord’s work.

Ken Fast
Director of Development
Association of Gospel Rescue Missions
Kansas City, Missouri

Fantastic resource for the Christian community
I want to thank you for your ministry to us! I appreciate your willingness to provide the Christian community with such a fantastic resource at a price even our start-up short-term mission ministry could afford. I am excited to report that after sending out requests for grants from foundations in your directory, we received a $10,000 grant! God used your Directory so we can continue to expand our ministry bringing the lost to Christ in Utah, and encouraging evangelical churches in here as well.

What a blessing, thank you so much!!


Russ East
Utah Partnerships for Christ

God Bless you all.
I thank God for for publishing the grant giving foundations book for churches.  

I ordered just about every grant/foundation book out there but there were non specifically for churches but this one.

My church immediately qualified for 25 of the foundations listed in the book and in 1 1/2 months after applying to one of the foundations in the book, we received a check in the mail for $7,500. It's amazing how God has people out there ready to bless us but we have to "seek and we will find." I encourage all churches seeking grant money to order this book. God has a blessing waiting just for you.

God Bless,

Evangelist J. Hills

Thank you for the information.
I found it very helpful.

Lee Martin
Law Enforcement - Family Training Foundation
Topeka, KS. 

I am extremely impressed
Although I have only been aware of you as I resource, I am extremely impressed. For a number of years in the 70's & 80's I had a large grant writing firm and wrote grants for various projects throughout the Northwest. In mid 80's I sold my interest and turned to other business activities. Then 6 years ago I suffered several severe strokes and a heart attack. About a year ago I started writing grants again to mainly keep me occupied but also to assist in my financial ability.

About 2 months ago, I obtained a Christian TV station as a client and started seeking funds for their expansion. In doing preliminary research I ran across you folks and have been quite happy with the alerts I have received lately. The message that I am responding to today is an excellent one that I will take to the station when I meet them tomorrow. It highlights points I have been stressing to them for several weeks now. 

Keep the alerts coming. I am having trouble locating grants that they are eligible for, but we shall succeed.

Thanks again
Bob Peters

Thank you, thank you for that information!
I've attended a few grant writing courses and this tip provided more information than some of the courses.

Gwen Gaylor
World Outreach, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL

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